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Periodic presence in the Nunthala health post of specialized doctors

The medical personnel in the Nunthala Health post are not graduated doctors but only paramedic operators. Several times the Nunthala people underlined the necessity to have some doctors in the health post, even without a continuative presence. Dentists are the most needed. In order to comply this need, some dental clinics in Kathmandu have been contacted, and finally in November 2012 the first dental camp in the health post of Nunthala was realized. The event had a lot of success. The PNMV means to repeat this dental camp every year. The cost of this initiative is about 3500 Euro.

Providing medicines and equipment to the health post of Nunthala

This is an essential point and has an absolute priority over everything else. The cost of this initiative is about 2700 € /Per year.

Salary Integration of health workers in the health post of Nunthala

The three paramedic operators in the Nunthala health post received a poor salary and they proposed to keep the health post open 24/h with a small increase of their salary. This was approved and started in June 2012. The cost of this initiative is about 700 € /Per year.

Incentive for best students in order to increase the percentage of children sent to school

In the Taksindu VDC, a part of children does not go to school because stay at home to help with domestic or rural works. The direction of the Nunthala School proposed us to create an award to the students that have good results and a good attendance to the lessons. The PNMV accepted. In the beginning of April 2013 the first awards were given. The teachers told us that this award was a success: the percentage of children that does not go to school was drastically reduced and the school performances were increased, consequence of a healthy competitiveness among the students. The cost of this initiative is 700 Euro/Per Year.

Science Laboratory

The science laboratory of the Nunthala School is particularly poor and many fundamental facilities are missing. It is our aim to cover the cost of these missing parts.

School uniforms for students of Nunthala School (Ornella suitcase)

For donations devoted to this topic, an initiative of the Peirano family, please indicate “Valigia di Ornella” as the reason.

Mario Vallesi ONLUS